HYPERGRAF is William Cardini and Josh Burggraf cataloguing a corner of the Comics Library of Babel

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Little Fucking Ferret Creatures for sale at the shop.



Storie Incredibili

I’m very honored! Simon got her dead stare right.

clash of the titans

Here’s a thank you gif.
A giant thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to play/share/write about You Are The Wormhole! <3 <3 <3
Here’s a poem/review someone wrote about it.
And an article on Kotaku about it.

Status update, “stuff in the back of my truck” edition

SNAKEBOMB reddy for any eventuality


Redrawing BIG TOWN


New in the Birdcage Bottom Books shop:

Mike Bertino’s “Trigger #1”

The first issue of Mike Bertino’s on going series Trigger.  This issue contains 3 stories ranging from the serious to the hilarious, to the heartbreaking. 

Published by Revival House Press

6.5″ x 8″, 24 pages. $5
Full-color cover with b&w interior 

- See more at: http://www.birdcagebottombooks.com/shop/trigger-1/#sthash.2PYiQMgi.dpuf


Where to find me this weekend at SDCC.

Pete Toms with the Best panels award for 201&


The Comics Reporter has a sneak preview of A. Degen’s Mighty Star and the Castle of the Cancatervater. Check out the cover as well as a selection of preview images right here!

So excited about this, thanks to everyone, thanks to Annie Koyama and Ed Kanerva!

Oh Shit the ascension

Night Burgers #1, now available for pre-order!
24 pages of full color neon comics by Victor Kerlow (thankyouvictor, pictured above), Josh Burggraf  (joshburggraf), Josh Freydkis (joshfreydkis), Jason Murphy (menutnutnut), Anthony Meloro (anthonymeloro), Ken Johnson (ballandcone) and Amy Searles (amyofdarkness).  Edited/cover by Harris Smith (negativepleasure)
Each copy includes prismatic viewing glasses for full psychedelic reading experience.
Preorder now: http://negativepleasure.storenvy.com/products/6105226-night-burgers-1

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New Release! 

We are pleased to announce that are releasing PatrickKyle’s, Amongst No Cauldrons! Pre-order now!

It’s a 10 panel fold-out concertina + cover. Limited edition of 100, full color.

About the zine:

Amongst No Cauldrons is a new illustrated pamphlet by Toronto Illustrator Patrick Kyle. By day, a benevolent faction of elder magic users ponder the philosophy of the world and carefully construct enchanted beacons. By the light of the moon they’re transformed into a clan of ne’er-do-welling conjurers, spreading havoc and toppling the beacons they so meticulously built during the day! These cursed prestidigiteurs are forever bound to perpetuate this cycle, trapped amongst no cauldrons! 

Pre-order now!

Release date: 7.29.14

Hey, get my new Fold out from Valley Cruise Press. 

what a cool thing


Léon Spilliaert (Belgian, 1881-1946)
The Owl, N/D
Gouache and watercolour on paper

Al Columbia