HYPERGRAF is William Cardini and Josh Burggraf cataloguing a corner of the Comics Library of Babel

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Live at The Grelman…. In Print!!!!! Get yours at RIPExpo!
(Just find exhibitors Andy Pratt or Vinnie Neuberg)

We Smell Sea Smells Down By The Sea Shore
A drawing for Lucky Peach, thanks Walter

My brother devin made this gif for our job. you can use it to buy music or something
John Schoenherr illustrations for early Anne McCaffrey Dragonriders of Pern short stories, via this tor.com article. I’d always imagined the Michael Whelan versions but these are very intriguing non-traditional dragon depictions.


I made another book published with Pegacorn Press , this is #2 in the Now & Here Series. Riso guts and screen printed covers. 300 printed. I was sweating a lot and laughing while I printed the covers. I’m going to read from the first book at Ada books on Friday, loudly? 

That’s the magic can of custard powder.

It’s over here


PROVIDENCE! Snakebomb is an exhibitor at RIPExpo this weekend! I’m bringing tons of comix for yer eyeballs and I’m also speaking on a panel moderated by my good bud Leah Wishnia. Look for #1 rude dogg Karissa Sakumoto, she has a table there too. Seeya soooon!

Emma Ríos

Made this image for Happiness #4 comics anthology Mix Cd, now out! The book is awesome, definitely the best Happiness to date, I am proud to have work in it alongside some of the best, the release party was fun too, RIPE THIS WEEKEND!

New shirt design for @americansharks check em out while they are on tour. If I found one of these rides in town, I’d pro badly do this every other week. #drunk #americansharks #design #Gutrot

I hesitate to use the formulation “more than just a comic” in describing “Configurations”, the recent webcomic series Aidan Koch published through TCJ contributor Frank Santoro’s Comics Workbook tumblr. Comics are whatever you put into them, and “Configurations,” certainly a comic, puts in plenty. But it feels less like a strip you read and more like a participatory event. It’s the rare experimental work that makes you feel as though you’re there in the lab with its creator, conducting that experiment yourself.

I reviewed “Configurations” by Aidan Koch, originally published in comicsworkbook, for The Comics Journal.

Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta, 1971


Nio Mizushima “Mechanical Human Age”

水島 爾保布「人造人間時代」


(via corporalsteiner)

Saito Yo-saku 
Sugiura HanShigeru