HYPERGRAF is William Cardini and Josh Burggraf cataloguing a corner of the Comics Library of Babel

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My neighborhood’s really changing.


The kids got weird hieroglyphics like this hidden all over the house.

uuiuu: Maki Sasaki 

Fresh out of the box from Youth in Decline!

See you next saturday!

poster by the amazing ron wimberly.
this is in like a week and i will be there.
Saturday, October 25, 10:00am to 6 pm at
The Rotunda
4014 Walnut St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104
Philly’s third annual celebration of comics and the graphic arts. Come for the creators, the comics, the burritos & the ice cream (both the best on the east coast), the animals, and of course the free after-party.Creators coming for this year’s Locust Moon Comics Festival include Bill Sienkiewicz, Paul Pope, Mark Schultz, Denis Kitchen, Nathan Fox, Jose Villarrubia, Farel Dalrymple, Jim Rugg, Rebecca Mock, Tom Scioli, Box Brown, Jg Jones, Dave Bullock, Yao Xiao, Dean Haspiel, & Ron Wimberly!Entry is donation-based and optional — and for kids it’s absolutely free, no question!Festival website: http://locustmoonfest.com/

nice lineup

i just bought a plane ticket so i can be at shortrunseattle with snakebomb and sinusproblem (and i think gutrot too!)
i’ll have some zines and some new tv people tapes and some shirts if i get my shit together

tuff trinity


Perhaps you missed last night’s double book launch of Michael DeForge’s Lose #6 and Patrick Kyle’s Distance Moverand Michael’s Contemporaries art show opening at Weird Things Gallery. Well don’t freak out! You can get Michael and Patrick’s books at finer booksellers just about everywhere, and the Contemporaries showis on for a month!

Spider Dog Mascot Head by Phil Woollam!

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classic tuff bros

red-lipstick: Ken Price (1935-2012, USA) - Taos Talking Pictures,2000     Drawings: Ink, Acrylics

Shinichi Sakamoto


Sana and Bebop (private commission) / Watercolor and Gouache / 2014

did you know i take commissions?

oh woah thats really nice



Tactical, the zine of RPG classes that I made for Indiecade last week, is now for sale online as a full-color digital pdf! It is only $2!

16 unique and unusual classes with dubious skills and handy abilities!

Thanks to everyone who read & enjoyed the zine at Indiecade. Lots of people told me (after reading it) what their favorite class was, and I kinda love hearing stuff like that, so feel free to comment with your fave! It’ll warm my heart.

Check out the zine here!

… & let me know what you think ♥

this is amazing !

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A 6-page preview of Aama: the Invisible Throng, the second volume of Frederik Peeters’ sci-fi series, releasing in English next month. Click through to see the rest (and a brief article)- utterly gorgeous.


The Bus | Paul Kirchner | Via

classic set

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hey friends. i made a zine from my wife Katie Ridley Murphy’s recent mono-prints. they will debut tomorrow night at Beep Beep Gallery in Atlanta…soon to be for sale in my shop. thank you